Welcome to Spillville. I am enclosing applications for city services. If you are a renter there is also a form to fill out prior to moving out so meters can be read at the correct time. We require a $100 deposit for all rental properties. This will be returned when you move if all your accounts are up to date.

Our base utility bill with no extra water usage is $45.29 per month for water, sewer and garbage service. This includes 1000 gallons of water, rates after that are $2.06 per thousand gallons for water and $2.06 per thousand gallons for sewer.

Garbage is typically picked up on Tuesday mornings though there may be changes for holidays, etc. Recyclable cardboard will not be picked up as the Winneshiek County Landfill has a ban on recyclable cardboard. There are recycling bins located in the parking lot behind the Bily Clocks Museum.

We offer an auto pay plan for your city utilities. I am enclosing an application which you can return with your city service application if you are interested in this service. We offer email billing just indicate on your application that you want your invoice emailed. You will receive your bill around the 1st of each month for the prior month’s service. The auto pay payment will be deducted from your account around the 20th of each month. Checks can be mailed to City of Spillville, PO Box 276, Spillville, IA 52168 or dropped at the city office. There is a drop box on the side of the building. The city office is located at 438 South Main Street. The drop box is the black box located to the right of the second door.

- Joane Kulish, City Clerk

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